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Hannu receives doctorate

President and Founder of GCM Ministries, Hannu Haukka, Receives Honorary Doctorate

Hannu receives doctorateDr. Hannu Haukka, founder and president of GCM Ministries, has been awarded an honorary Doctorate of Humanities degree by Trinity Western University near Vancouver, BC, Canada.


TV Ministry to Ethiopia and Eritrea

EastAfricaMapGreat Commission Media Ministries (IRR/TV) continues to expand its media mission territories. We are planning production of programs in the Amharic and Tigre languages spoken in Ethiopia and Eritrea. There appears to be freedom of religion in Ethiopia with over 60% of the population claiming to be Christian in name, but Eritrea is a little more complicated.IRRTV_10-10_podcast_Ethiopia.mp3

Churches in Kiev

Ukraine, Revival or Return to Repression?

Churches in KievWith Yanukovich about to be inaugurated as Ukraine’s new President, some Christians wonder what their future will hold. We hear reports from Believers on ground in Kiev with their take on the future for the Protestant Evangelical Churches in Ukraine. 10-08_podcast_Ukraine.mp3


Russia & Asia: Mega City Campaigns

GCM Ministries has conducted over 80 evangelistic media campaigns in numerous countries.



15 New Churches Planted in Kiev

15 new churches have been planted by one church in Kiev with the help of IRR/TV and the Mega-City Media Evangelism Campaign held in November 2007. Over 3,000 people have come to faith in Christ and 800 have been baptized. Attendance at services since the campaign has been tremendous.