The Gospel To The Jews Is God’s Priority

The Hebrew-language campaigns were effective in reaching Israelis.

Hebrew-language media saturation campaigns have been conducted in central Israel in past years. The campaigns reached over 2 million people in 40 cities, from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

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Ukrainians Open To The Gospel

Ukrainians Open To The Gospel During War As the war in Ukraine persists, the city of Kherson has been one of the many cities of focus for GCMM humanitarian aid and evangelism. Prior to the Russian invasion, Kherson was a city of 300,000 residents. Kherson was occupied by Russian troops for eight months and was…

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Heavy Demand For More Evangelism Books

War leaves its mark About 10 million Ukrainians have had to leave their homes during the Russian invasion, heading west. War has a lasting effect on a person’s soul. According to WHO (World Health Organization), about a quarter of the population has experienced some kind of psychological trauma. Peace of mind is shaken “The sound…

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