New Opportunity Reaching Over 150 Million Russian-Speaking People

Great Commission Media Ministries has received an unexpected offer to reach more than 150 million Russian-speaking people using a superpower radio station for broadcasts!


European Russia has a population of 113 million people, making it the most populous country in Europe. About 77% of Russia’s total population lives west of the Ural mountains. Almost all of Russia’s largest cities are in the western part of the country, including Moscow and St Petersburg.


Western Russia           113 million
Belarus                          10 million
Northern Ukraine         25 million
Poland                          3 million (mostly Ukrainian)
Lithuania                      1.5 million
Latvia                            1.2 million
Estonia                         0.9 million

The station in question is a powerful 1000-kilowatt medium-wave radio station used during the Cold War.



This brings to mind the Soviet era of intense government media censorship. That day has returned. People no longer have the opportunity to access unbiased media content or Christian radio broadcasts.  Russia has reined in every form of media in the country, restricting all that is not in line with the government’s ideologies. There is no room for the Gospel.

It felt like the doors for ministry were closed forever.  But from God’s perspective, no kingdom on earth can stop the fulfillment of the great commission. Persecution and laws only limit and delay its advancement.

Over the years, GCMM has been able to fulfill the command given to the Church by Christ of the great commission. In the Soviet Union, first in radio ministry, followed by the historic TV ministry opening up and mega city campaigns in over 70 Russian cities. As well, as the printing of scripture and evangelism books in great numbers.

The incredulous offer is to broadcast on a powerful 1,000 kilowatt medium-wave radio station which was used during the Cold War. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, radio broadcasts were unnecessary and the station was decommissioned. But now, they are needed again. The station can be compared to “a highway” for millions of homes in the Eastern Bloc countries.

During the Cold War, the Eastern Bloc countries included the Soviet Union and Russia occupied Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania as well as Bulgaria, East Germany, Poland, Romania, Czechoslovakia, and Hungary.

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