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Our Vision

Our Mission:


The purpose of Great Commission Media Ministries is to conduct high-impact Mega City Media Saturation Campaigns in cities with the message that God gives the power to change.

Our Passion:

Partnering together with local indigenous churches to lift up Jesus in cities so everyone has the opportunity to respond resulting in changed lives.

Economic Engine:

Providing donors eternal investment opportunities for follow-through evangelism by maximizing exposures, responses and changed lives per dollar invested through Mega City Media Saturation Campaigns.

Our Goal & Vision:

The goal of Great Commission Media Ministries is to produce long-term fruit: church growth and new churches in major cities globally.

We can still shake whole cities with the Gospel as in the days of the Apostles. We can still see large numbers of people turning to Christ.

You can read about the goals and challenges of GCM Ministries on our 5-Year Mission Strategy PDF. For the first time in history over 50% of the world population live in cities. By the year 2020 that figure will be 75%. Cities are the number one challenge for missions today.

Today there are 450 CITIES of which the population is over 1 million. Most of these cities are not located in the industrialized world. A steadily growing number are located in nations that have no Christian heritage.

Project Investment Opportunities

Project Investment OpportunityGreat Commission Media Ministries conducts HIGH-IMPACT media campaigns that incorporate stories of changed lives blanketing an entire city with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This is done by using a “symphony of media” proclaiming one message “God give you the power to change” simultaneously through all media for 30 days in a given city.

The results are astounding. What would normally take a church 100 years to do by conventional means of ministry can be done in 30 days. We have seen this happen in more than 80 CITIES in Russia, Ukraine, Israel, India, Iraq, Nepal, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Guyana and Finland.

We have asked for the top mega cities in the world today. Like Joshua at Jericho, like Moses at the red sea we can expect to see God move in our generation. Join us. Let us take these cities for Jesus together! Contact us at: or call 1-877-244-7618.