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TV & Video

A celebration of over 40 years of cutting-missions. An overview of GCM Ministries mission field. Laura and Hannu Haukka share their personal story, their past and their commitment to serve God in ministry.

 More videos from GCM Ministries missions outreach


Brief history, overview of GCM Ministries and report on cutting-edge evangelistic campaigns.

An alarming report on children's prison camps in Russia today. An eye-opener!

The awesome firepower of cutting-edge, evangelistic mega city campaigns.

Hannu Haukka interview on 100 Huntley Street.

Dr. Hannu Haukka talks how Biblical evangelism pertains to modern-day evangelism.

Brian Vaughan talks about GCM Ministries.

Brief overview of GCM Ministries Mega City Campaigns.

The all important follow-up ministry after a Mega City Campaign.

Brian Vaughan interviews Hannu Haukka, founder of GCM Ministries on how it all began

GCM Ministries board members endorse Great Commission Media Ministries strategy for missions.

Dr. Hannu Haukka on Marcus and Joni Lamb's Daystar Television's "Celebration".

Thousands of children are in Russia's prison camps who would otherwise "live on the street" in a life of petty crime.