The Gospel To The Jews Is God’s Priority

April 2023 April 2023

The Hebrew-language campaigns were effective in reaching Israelis.

Hebrew-language media saturation campaigns have been conducted in central Israel in past years. The campaigns reached over 2 million people in 40 cities, from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

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UKRAINE: The Church Is Growing In Kherson—thousands of new attendees since the war started.

March 2023 March 2023

The Church Is Growing In Kherson Pastor Sergey Sinii of the Kherson Evangelical Church shared with us: “The number of people attending our services has increased tremendously. Before the war on any 

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Attentive To The Cry Of The Iranian People

February 2023 February 2023

At least 92 people were killed when Iran cracked down on pro- tests concerning women’s issues. According to an Iranian human rights group, the protests flared up after the fatal arrest of 

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Russia Invades – Evangelism Campaign Continues

August 2022 August 2022

  On February 24th Russia launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine. In mid campaign Russian missiles hit practically every major city in the country. Days later, Russian tanks rolled into the heart 

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Navalny Speaks Of His Faith

July 2022 July 2022

Alexey Navalny became renowned in the west for his anti-corruption campaign exposing Kremlin abuses. Formerly an atheist, Alexey came to faith. Navalny said he came to faith when he returned to Moscow 

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When War Strikes… Where is God And The Great Commission

April 2022 April 2022

Jesus gave his followers an assignment, one that would require commitment affecting all areas of their life and strength. Believers in the early church had no choice but to be “all in”. 

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Churches In Russia Suffer Amidst The Coronavirus Pandemic

January 2022 January 2022

The pandemic continues to spread unchecked in Russia In October, record numbers of deaths due to the Coronavirus were recorded in Russia. An extensive statistical comparison on a popular Russian website revealed 

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Retreat From Afghanistan: The Church Is Left Behind

December 2021 December 2021

Among the thousands of citizens who fled the country were a few Afghan Christians. Only a few got on the planes. In the photo, a mother and daughter are escorted to the 

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Mega City Media Campaign Church in Kiev Experiences Exponential Growth

October 2021 October 2021

I recently returned from an intensive working session in Kiev, Ukraine with key Christian leaders. As you may remember, GCMM has conducted large-scale media campaigns in both Kiev, and in the Black 

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Siberian Churches Gladly Receive More New Testaments

October 2021 October 2021

In the end of May, GCMM finished printing another 200,000 Gospels of John in Siberia. The books are being shipped to a dozen major hub cities from where they will be distributed 

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Report: Ministering Among Jews In Russia

June 2021 June 2021

  A rush to join the Pesach event in St. Petersburg When restrictions for gatherings came into effect in many countries more than a year ago, we were also unable to organize 

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Massive Response In Calcutta, India

May 2021 May 2021

As you may remember, GCMM conducted a historic mega-city media in Calcutta, India ending in January 2018. At the beginning of this year, we received an update from Mahesh our campaign manager. 

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