Amazing Testimony of a Pastor Who Got Caught in War in South Sudan

April 2019 April 2019

Great Commission Media Ministries is blessed to share testimonies of God’s salvation so that others may come to know Jesus as Savior. For 30 days, we blanket entire cities with Gospel-focused testimonies read more

The President of South Sudan’s Shocking Response to the Gospel

April 2019 April 2019

In three years, the civil war in South Sudan has resulted in nearly 400,000 deaths. Millions have fled the country, fearing for their lives. The spiraling desire for revenge has torn families, read more

Violent General Who Killed Many People has a Miraculous Change of Heart

March 2019 March 2019

Ever since civil war broke out in South Sudan, over 383,000 people have died. Around half of the lives lost are estimated to be through violence. Those killed were mostly adult males, read more

The Power of Prayer: A Country in Desperate Need of Peace Stuns the World

February 2019 February 2019

As war and hunger rages in South Sudan, Great Commission Media Ministries is on the front lines of Gospel-centered ministry. Fear grips this country as the outpouring of poverty, conflict, and bloodshed read more

Father Thinks About Selling His Son

January 2019 January 2019

There was a father who lost his job and began suffering under the cruelty of poverty. Being unable to provide for himself or his children, the devastating results of unemployment brought him read more