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MIDDLE EAST: Reaching 100 Million Arabs by Daily Satellite Television

Evangelistic mega city media saturation campaigns

GCM Ministries has conducted highly effective month-long evangelistic campaigns in Middle Eastern countries in the past few years. We have reached the people of Beirut, Lebanon and Erbil, Iraq with the Gospel.

Preaching the Gospel over 16 satellite channels

Great Commission Media Ministries produces over 1,000 new programs yearly in Arabic, Somali, Farsi and Tajik languages. Our TV programs can be seen in the Middle East, North Africa, Europe, North America and Australia. We invest heavily in the production of TV programs because television plays a significant role in families throughout Arabic and Islamic regions in the world.

The potential viewing audience of our programs is 1.3 billion people. These TV programs are broadcast on 16 satellite channels. We receive over 200,000 responses per month from people watching these TV programs.

Our own Arabic and Muslim outreach YouTube pages:


Our audience wants to know more about the road to Salvation and many have come to faith in Jesus. We invest in the production of TV programs because on them and in the culture of the Arab countries the central place is a Muslim.

We produce a variety of programs in different languages

We continue to produce programs in the following languages: Farsi, Somali, Amharic and Arabic. We have started new program production in Tigre and Kurdish languages.


We produce four different series. From the Pastor's Desk series deals with the basics of the Bible. Your Life Story series contains true life-stories and they are examined from the point of view of the word of God.A Better Family Life series helps families heal and build through constructive spiritual teaching.Purpose of Life devotional series helps people to think about the purpose of the life more deeply.


Three TV program series called A New Life, Answers From the Bible and Steps Toward Jesus. The first program helps viewers to understand who Christ is. The second openly discusses the basics of Christianity under the guidance of the word of God. Included are interviews of different individuals, with some musical pieces added and typical questions from Iranians concerning the Bible are answered. The third contains a 90-part Bible study that focuses on 10 steps in the book Essential Steps to Christ.


These programs will be seen in Pakistan, India and Bangladesh. Hindustani is spoken by hundreds of millions of people in these countries. The new series we are producing is based on the teachings of Jesus' sermon on the mount.


According to our information, a Somali Christian TV program series has never been produced before. We thank God that we are now producing two TV series in Somali. Together with your help, we have left a footmark in the history of missions work! It is estimated that 10 to 25 million people worldwide speak the Somali language. Somalis are Muslims and culturally a very closed group, who can be reached only through the media.

A Women's program “For You” features two ex-Muslims, a mother and daughter. It talks about equality and how to have a personal relationship with God.

Whereas “The School of Life” series targets youth, hosted by Somali men who have left behind their faith in Islam and are newborn in Jesus. They talk about changes that have taken place in their life because of their faith.

Mission Outreach by Radio

Our Arabic department has produced and aired radio programs 24/7 in Arabic for several years now. Through these programs listeners are able to hear gospel music, teaching and testimonies of salvation.