The Gospel To The Jews Is God’s Priority

Preaching the Gospel to the Jews is first and foremost

Each day of the year is a new opportunity that we want to use for the Kingdom of God.

The Bible speaks of “hearing of wars and rumors of wars”. This should not alarm us, but encourage us to preach the Gospel, as according to the Gospel of Mark the end is still to come. (Mark 13:7-10)

The GCMM Israel ministry department’s main goal again this year is to share the Gospel with Jews worldwide. The cornerstone of this ministry is media production. We produce programming for many TV channels, for radio, and social media for Russian-speaking Jews.

Israel congregations hoping for a media campaign

I visited some Israeli congregations recently. They are waiting to work with us, on an evangelism media campaign in Hebrew and Russian reaching Eilat in the south and Haifa in the north.

The first mega campaign took place in 2008, and thousands of contacts were made. We have held various sizes of media campaigns which have resulted in congregations and prayer groups being birthed in Israel. From our partnership network in Israel of about 30 congregations, there are social media and advertising experts among them. As the campaign comes together, we will use Russian radio and a TV channel.

A new national evangelism campaign is our dream and a subject of prayer. We challenge you to join us. As we make plans to that end, we continue providing humanitarian aid to congregation refugee programs, as funds become available.

Jews in Europe

Russia’s attack on Ukraine caused a wave of millions of refugees to enter Europe. Thousands of Jews have also fled and are now spread out in different areas of Europe. God is birthing new messianic churches in Germany, Austria, and Poland.

A strong partner in ministry, the Messianic Church in Kyiv, is supporting these new churches spiritually as they are being planted. We too want to be involved in supporting them in prayer and providing humanitarian aid.

A world conference is being organized by the LCJE (Lausanne Consultation on Jewish Evangelism) in Poland, where we are planning and praying together with different organizations, missions, and church leaders for new ways to reach Jews in this changing world.

We have also received a request to participate in an evangelism campaign this summer, which is being organized in Krakow and will include several messianic and Christian churches. Please pray that God would guide this project and that we could be involved financially as well.

Let’s not be afraid of the uprisings in the world, but let us fasten our eyes on God who gives us triumphs in all tribulations (Romans 8:37). Thank you for walking alongside us, your intercessory prayers and support to God’s chosen people!


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