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Ajatollah Khomeini Aide Exposes Iran

khomeini aidThe whole world is watching and wondering what Iran will do as it develops its nuclear program. Daniel Shayesteh, a former aid to the Ajatollah Khomeini exposes the Iranian government’s plans: “Israel will be forced to its knees or it will be destroyed.”

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Jeremiah and the Jews

Today, almost 1.5 million Russian speaking children of Israel have returned “home” from the land of the north, the former Soviet Union. With them, as Jeremiah said, have come the blind, the deaf, the lame, the poor 

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Holy Land Campaigns Produce Spectacular Results

Unique outreaches in Israel in three of the country’s major languages in Hebrew, Arabic, Russian are helping to accelerate the fulfillment of the Great Commission. STORY HIGHLIGHTS Over 70,000 calls have been received Arabic campaigns between 2008-2010 produced 12,000+ calls to call centers Multiple baptismal services have been held at the Jordan River Campaign in…

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