Jews sharing Christ with fellow Jews

GCM Ministries Helps Jews Take the Gospel to Their Own Nation

Sharing Christ in Israel

We have been able to lead 2,400 Hebrew-speaking Jews to faith in Christ during our campaigns.

To date, GCM Ministries and Jews For Jesus have carried out several Media Evangelism Campaigns in the Hebrew language. Jew’s For Jesus’ Director, Dan Sered, gives the following praise report from Israel:

“For the past few years we have worked together with GCM Ministries to take these outreach campaigns to many parts of Israel. We have divided the country up into 12 geographical regions. Our teams have gone into each region for 14 to 30 days at a time to train the local believers for the evangelism campaigns. We have done two Media Evangelism Campaigns per year since 2008.

We have now conducted four such city campaigns. Our plan is to cover all of Israel over a 6-year period. In the last campaign, we used the slogan: ‘“Look oh Israel, your God”, in Armageddon’. We used all media available to us including posters, T-shirts, etc. A large part of our efforts goes to follow-up ministry. We talk with people on the phone, visit their homes and deliver literature to them. And when people come to faith in Jesus, we direct them to a Bible-believing church.

After that, the churches take responsibility for the new Christians. The Apostle Paul said that he isn’t ashamed of the power of the Gospel. We have been called to be bold. Of course we are a little scared at times, but we know that God is with us.

To date we have been able to lead over 2,400 Hebrew-speaking Jews to faith in Christ during our campaigns. It is absolutely wonderful to see these people go through baptism and grow in their faith. Local news media has taken an interest in our work. This free publicity is an added bonus. I (Dan Sered) have been interviewed on two TV programs already. This has allowed me to preach the Gospel to millions of Jews!

As we have used the media for this purpose, God has blessed it and increased it. Millions of Jews have now heard of Jesus and the Gospel. And this is just the beginning. With the help of GCM Ministries, we have been able to effectively communicate the Gospel.”

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