Stanislav was interviewed by the GCMM team in Ukraine before leaving for Finland with his spouse. He was in a sombre mood and scared. Soon, after his arrival in Finland, he was feeling relieved and happy to be at the North Karelia retreat center.

GCMM Helped Stanislav To Go From Ukraine To Finland

In September, GCMM's Jewish/Israel ministry department organized a retreat camp in North Karelia in cooperation with North Karelia Exodusry and Bible Media. 31 Ukrainians from different parts of Finland arrived at the camp. During those few days, we heard many touching stories about life in Ukraine and about escaping to Finland. We listened to their concerns and sadness for spouses and adult sons who remained in the homeland. About ten participants said they had Jewish roots.

Stanislav was one of the refugees who came to the camp. For health reasons, both he and his wife had been able to leave their home in the Slavjanski area of east Ukraine.

Stanislav had been forced to flee his hometown and told us how he had met the "war pastor" Gennady Mohnenko at his refugee center. Gennady’s team offered him and his wife the chance to get to safety in Finland. Stanislav said that at first he didn't think he could leave because he had volunteered to defend his country. As it turned out, he was released from the task due to his health. He and his wife met GCMM team members who interviewed them and assured them that going to Finland would be a unique opportunity. Finally, they got into a minibus for the trip. The journey ended safely in Finland, and they now live in Järvenpää. At the scenic and peaceful retreat center of North Karelia, Stanislav happily shared: "It is God's miracle that we are here! It is a miracle". Let's continue to pray for this married couple, that the sown Word of God may grow in their hearts.


Kyiv Messianic Church Helps Victims Of War

Since the beginning of the war, the Messianic Church of Kyiv (KEMO) has effectively assisted victims from war-affected areas and refugees who fled to different countries. Andrei Lugovsky, director of social work of the church, writes:

"In these unstable times of war in our country, we are trying to maintain a humanitarian aid program through our Kyiv church and its satellite churches and other channels. At the moment, we help the poorest of the poor, pensioners, families with many children, the unemployed and refugees, and soldiers. We also provide medical assistance.

Traveling dental clinic

Dental care in Ukraine is so expensive that many cannot afford it. People are grateful for our free dental care project. We have a dental clinic on wheels that travels around the areas on the outskirts of Kyiv that were worst affected by the attacks last spring. We have also visited military units to treat soldiers. We make 2–4 trips a month, and on each trip, we take care of 35–50 people. The monthly costs of the project

are around $1,500 USD. In order to help more people, we would need better dental equipment, at a cost of $8,000 USD.

Needs for medical assistance

Our second project consists of home visits to the sick. Currently, there are many chronically ill people who should receive their medication regularly, but cannot afford to buy it. We help them by buying the medicines prescribed by the doctor at the pharmacy and delivering it home to them. We have already helped 1,000 people. The expenses of one person’s medications for a month are on average $40.

"We are very grateful for your support. The amount of help we provide depends on the support we receive. God bless you!" Andrei Lugovsky

GCMM supports the humanitarian aid work of the KEMO church with donations through

Thank you for your help!

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