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<strong>Dr. Hannu Haukka</strong></br>
Founder & CEO
Dr. Hannu Haukka
Founder & CEO

Dr. Hannu Haukka is the CEO and Founder of Great Commission Media Ministries, with Headquarters in Finland and offices in Canada and the USA.

GCMM is a non-denominational missions organization that focuses on taking the Gospel to the nations of Russia, Asia, the Middle East, North Africa.  We use the tools of television, radio, and the Internet, working towards the fulfillment of the Great Commission of Christ.

For over 4 decades Hannu and his wife Laura have ministered to millions throughout the former Soviet Union. Through the last several decades, they have used a strategy of media saturation to introduce hundreds of thousands to the hope found in Christ in over 109 major cities of the world.

Dr. Haukka and his ministry have received NRB awards for his outstanding witness and work for the cause of the Gospel.


<strong>Jerry Lewin</strong>
US Mission Director
Jerry Lewin US Mission Director
<strong>Liz Kimmel</strong></br>
US Operations
Liz Kimmel
US Operations


John Haukka
Communications Director