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GCM Ministries, Canada
John Haukka
Executive Director
gcmm (at)

Mailing address:
GCM Ministries
PO Box 14006
Abbotsford, BC
V2T 0B4
Toll free: (877) 674-5630

GCM Ministries, USA
Dave Ogren
Missions Director
dave (at)

Mailing address:
GCM Ministries
PO Box 16418
St. Paul, MN
Hannah Clark
Office Manager
Toll free: (877) 244-7618

IRR-TV Finland
(Note: IRR-TV Finland is a ministry partner of GCM Ministries)

Mailing address:
Box 150
04201 Kerava

Ministry Center address:
Jäspilänkatu 2b
04250 Kerava

Telephone: +358 207 120 240
Fax: +358 207 120 266
irrtv (at)