Great Commission Media Ministries in different countries and regions:

RussiaCentral AsiaIsrael, Cuba,Islamic regionsIndia


Mega City Campaigns in Russia, Central Asia, Cuba, Middle East, Nepal, India, Israel

Highly effective month-long evangelistic mega-city campaignsspear-headed by GCM Ministries have taken place in Russia, Central Asia, India, Nepal, the Middle East, Cuba, South America, and even Israel. This has been an extremely effective way of bringing in the harvest of this generation for the Kingdom of God.

Preaching the Gospel to the Jews is first and foremost

Each day of the year is a new opportunity that we want to use for the Kingdom of God.

The Bible speaks of “hearing of wars and rumors of wars”. This should not alarm us, but encourage us to preach the Gospel, as according to the Gospel of Mark the end is still to come. (Mark 13:7-10)

The GCMM Israel ministry department’s main goal again this year is to share the Gospel with Jews worldwide. The cornerstone of this ministry is media production. We produce programming for many TV channels, for radio, and social media for Russian-speaking Jews.


Poverty Aid to Children

GCM Ministries delivers clothing essentials, hygiene products, food, and the gospel message to children suffering in areas where evangelistic media campaigns are held. We try to help those with the most need, spiritually and physically.


The Challenges of the Arab and Islamic World

There are about 1.4 billion Muslims in the World. That is approximately 21% of the world’s population.

The largest Islamic area is located between the 10 and 40-degree parallels known as the 10/40 Window, where 300 million people live. 80% of them have not heard the Gospel even one time.

We want to facilitate disciple-making movements in every Arab and Muslim country, which will eventually lead to the formation and growth of new churches in countries and areas where there are none. This is why our mission to reach them is so challenging.

GCM Ministries uses all means possible to meet this challenge using TV, Radio, the Internet, literature, outreach, humanitarian aid, and training the Christians to spread the Good News and salvation message to the Arab and Islamic world.


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