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SOUTH SUDAN Unprecedented Media Campaign Exceeds Expectations

Call center in Juba. Calls have exceeded all expectations, to the glory of God, The much anticipated, unprecedented evangelistic media saturation campaign in Juba and rural areas of South Sudan commenced November 1, 2018 with response to our call center exceeding our expectations. Billboards are up throughout the city, declaring “God’s power for forgiveness and reconciliation.”…

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Russia—New Strategy

[caption id="attachment_56" align="alignnone" width="800"]Thousands of new churches have been planted resulting from years of mega city campaigns in Russia.[/caption]


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EAST UKRAINE: GCMM Takes The Gospel To The World’s Dangerous Regions

Many Seek God Approximately 1.5 million people live in the war zone. The director of a local orphanage is Pastor Gennadiy Mohnenkon. His congregation has been struggling to help the residents in the conflict zone. Missions groups from the church visit with people offering them spiritual help as well as humanitarian aid. Some families have offered their…

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RUSSIA: 200,000 New Testaments Urgently Needed In East Russia

[caption id="attachment_474" align="alignnone" width="290"]Russian churches requested 500,000 New Testaments to distribute to the public during the 140-year celebration of the modern translation of the Bible[/caption]

200,000 New Testaments have been printed and shipped to towns and villages across Western Russia.

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GCM Ministries Takes Delivery of Another 550,000 Books in Siberia

[caption id="attachment_500" align="alignnone" width="580"]A leadership conference of 1,000 pastors in Moscow in May 2014. The pastors were deeply concerned about the worsening situation regarding religous freedom in Russia. Recently, 74 pastors were tried under the law on [/caption]

Russia’s ongoing crackdown on religious minorities, missionaries, and evangelists has earned it a spot among the worst countries in the world for religious freedom.

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