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RUSSIA: Evangelistic Literature Urgently Needed In East Russia


Great Commission Media Ministries continues to print evangelistic literature inside the borders of Russia. On behalf of over 1,000 churches across Russia, thank you for your continued support of this precious literature ministry.

Together with you we've witnessed more than one miracle. This past winter we printed almost a million copies the New Testament, the Gospel of John and evangelistic campaign books at central Siberian printing facility.

That may sound like a lot of books but Russia is a huge country with over 144 million people. The need is great despite the Russian government surveillance of Church activity. It is truly a miracle that we can continue to print Scripture and evangelistic literature within the country.

We received a further urgent pleas for more books from Eastern Siberian churches. The regions concerned are Yakutsk Oblast (see map below), Irkutsk Oblast, Chukotka Autonomous Okrug as well as the Buryat Autonomous Republic. These regions remain the least evangelized areas in Russia.

The maps below show the size of the area.

Churches, house churches and prayer groups lack the necessary tools for evangelism.

Outside these target areas some of the literature will be distributed in the cities of Moscow, St. Petersburg and Tver.

Help us to distribute New Testaments to Russian families. Donate online now.



GCM Ministries founders Laura and Hannu Haukka have ministered in Russia and the Soviet Union for 43 years. Laura was born in Soviet Russia.

Over the past 5 years GCM Ministries has supplied over 4,000 churches in Russia with superb evangelistic tools: 4 million copies of the GCM Ministries book called “Experiencing the Power to Change.” Using this tool, these same churches have planted 1,000 churches across Russia. Additionally, GCM Ministries has printed and delivered 100,000 Bibles for use in these newly planted churches.

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