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Russia & Asia: Mega City Campaigns

GCM Ministries has conducted over 80 evangelistic media campaigns in numerous countries.



15 New Churches Planted in Kiev

15 new churches have been planted by one church in Kiev with the help of IRR/TV and the Mega-City Media Evangelism Campaign held in November 2007. Over 3,000 people have come to faith in Christ and 800 have been baptized. Attendance at services since the campaign has been tremendous.


Mission Ufa 1 Million “Thirsty” People

LeninbestPredominately Islamic by religion Ufa is located on the western slope of the Ural Mountains in Russia with a population of 1,2 million. There are 15 Evangelical Churches in the city with a combined membership of about 3,000 adherents. All churches in the city partnered in this historic undertaking.

1 million of the city’s residents were targeted with the simple message “God gives you the power to change!” All available media were harnessed to simultaeously proclaim this message over a one month period. Thousands called the campaign hotline for counselling. Many made a life changing decision for Christ.


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Kiev Mega-City Campaign

BogdanKhmelnitsky1Millions of families saw and heard the campaign message on television this past November. One of the goals of the campaign was already reached in the second week. The campaign had become the talk of the town on the street, in the media and in homes throughout Kiev. “God should not be advertised on billboards! The place for preaching the Gospel is inside the walls of the church!” So protested the secular afternoon press at a news conference held at Kiev’s INTERFAX facility.

The mega-city campaign in Kiev was, to date, the largest ever conducted in the history of the city, and it caused a stir not witnessed by the churches before in Ukraine capital. Life-changing stories from celebrities and ordinary people alike appeared on giant billboards, every subway station, in daily newspapers as well as on three major TV channels for thirty days straight.