Mumbai Pastors Thankful For Changed Lives


Special events were held during the Mumbai campaign. Many experienced the power to change that comes from God.



  • The Lord has given us an abundant harvest in Mumbai
  • wonderful testimonies to share
  • in front of everyone, the lady got up and began to walk
  • Churches in Mumbai are reporting record attendance

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January 15 was the closing ceremony for our monumental campaign in Mumbai. Pastors were praising the Lord. He has answered our prayers. The Lord has given us an abundant harvest.

Here are some wonderful testimonies to share with you: 

Pastor Chauhan reported, “When I delivered a campaign book to a person’s home they invited me in and asked for prayer on behalf of a family member. This family was Hindu and had never heard of Jesus Christ before. We prayed for a lady who had not walked in fourteen months. The pastor handed them the book and prayed for the sick lady. At that moment, in front of everyone, the lady got up and began to walk. The pastor himself was amazed at the instantaneous healing. Now the whole family attends the local church.

Pastor Rustic D’Souza has informed us that they are starting a new house church in the area of Malabar Hill, which is the place where all the government officials live. They have already got a list of 25 new people who are interested in coming to the church. We have churches that used the Christmas season as an occasion to invite all the callers to come for a special program. This has taken place in many churches across the city and reports are pouring in. But the churches are still seeing new seekers coming in every Sunday from all strata of society. We are also seeing amazing response from the Muslim community. 

Churches in Mumbai are reporting record attendance to the point where many church members present have been asked to vacate their seats to allow room for non-churched visitors wishing to enter the service.

A Catholic nun stepped into our bookstore to pick up 100 copies of the campaign book with the transformation stories, reports Pastor Adrian. The book has been seen on ads all over the city. She had talked to her friends and promised a copy to each person. The Nun took the books and joyfully went her way to her personal harvest for Jesus.




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