RUSSIA: Freedom of Worship is Sharply Curtailed

A leadership conference of 1,000 pastors in Moscow in May 2014. The pastors were deeply concerned about the worsening situation regarding religous freedom in Russia. Recently, 74 pastors were tried under the law on

Russia’s ongoing crackdown on religious minorities, missionaries, and evangelists has earned it a spot among the worst countries in the world for religious freedom.

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Russia Passes New Law That Cripples The Church In Russia

The new law in Russia signed by President Putin will cripple evangelism in a devastating way. Already 74 Russian Pastors Charged Under New Anti-Terrorism Law.

This new situation resembles the Soviet Union in 1929 when confession of faith was cofined to the inside of a few existing church buildings. 

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300,000 Bibles to Russia

Newly founded churches need 300,000 copies of large print Russian Bibles

In Russia, one thousand new churches have been planted since 2013. These newly founded churches need 300,000 copies of large print Russian Bibles. “They now need the whole Word of God.” 

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