Prison Camps for Children

According to official prison wardens, in Russia there are 20,000 boys and girls in 70 prison camps scattered across Russia. Unofficially there are 40,000 boys in over 100 such facilities. In addition, there are between 1 to 4 million children living on the streets of Russia’s cities.

They have never known a place called home. There is no recollection of a loving mother or father. Dad spends his paycheck on booze. Mom is on drugs. In desperation and hunger they steal for food. Behind barbed wire, their lives have hit a dead end before they had a chance to start. To them, love does not exist.

Russia's Children's Prison Camps - The Untold Story from GCM Ministries on Vimeo.

Winters in Russia are cold. These children live behind barbed-wire and concrete walls in prison camps. They do not have proper footwear. They lack adequate nutrition. In some camps the boys have not seen underwear in 5 years. They are frequently ill.

Today, you can save a life. Join GCM Ministries in helping one of the most forgotten children in the world. Your love is a miracle they could never expect. But the miracles happen when people like you and I care and dare to make a difference in their lives. Help a child today.

Your gift to them is to know that someone cares. Your gift provides warmth and changes hearts. Your gift gives them a ray of hope for tomorrow. Receive an update with photos from GCM. Great Commission Ministries has delivered aid to these children since 2002.

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$75 buys a set of warm winter clothing

$35 feeds a child for a month

$10 buys a personal hygiene kit


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