RUSSIA: Urgent Plea for One Million Gospel Books


Great Commission Media Ministries has received an urgent request from 1600 evangelical churches in Russia for one million “Power to Change books.” These books were the primary tools for leading hundreds of thousands of people to a personal faith in Jesus Christ. As a result over 2,000 new churches were planted! The need for more books is even greater.

While the Russian authorities continue to close the door on evangelism, God has providentially allowed the printing of books to continue inside Russia. But it cannot be emphasized enough that this opportunity will soon be gone. So if your heart is touched by Russia we urgently ask for your support to provide 1 million high-impact “Power to Change” books used for evangelism before these doors in Russia close for good.

By the time President Putin undersigned the new anti-terrorism law in July of 2016, the Churches had already lost all access to the mass media. That included access to television, radio, newspapers, outdoor advertising as well as conducting Christian services in public facilities. Printing facilities are the last resource that churches have access to, but the necessary funding is not available. For this reason they have turned to GCMM which has partnered with Russia’s churches for the past 27 years.



A) 10,000 “Power to Change” books for 500,000 Yakut eskimos, are a largely unreached people group in Siberia. Current Cost: $5,000.

B) 50,000 special edition evangelistic books called TRULY FREE for Russia’s prisons. Cost: $40,000.

C) 200,000 “Power to Change” evangelism books in Russian. On order at present. Cost: $70,000


A) 800,000 “Power to Change” evangelism books in Russian. Unit price: 35 cents

B) 1,000,000 Gospels of John (Russian) – urgently needed. Unit price: 30 cents

C) 500,000 New Testaments (Russian) – urgently needed. Unit price: $1.00


Between 2013 – 2016 GCM Ministries printed millions of books to help churches reach their nation for Jesus. By the end of 2016 we had printed 4,000,000 evangelism books, 1,000,000 Gospels of John, 300,000 New Testaments, 150,000 Bibles. Over 2,000 new churches were planted using this literature as the primary tool.

Thank you for partnering with us.

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On behalf of Russia,

Hannu Haukka/President

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