The Afghanistan Church Plunges into Persecution

As we have been seeing in the news, Afghanistan has fallen into the hands of the Taliban. Consequently, the seizure of control of Afghanistan by the Taliban has plunged the Afghan Church and its believers into unspeakable danger and impending widespread persecution.

Some days ago, we received this heartbreaking report from Kabul, Afghanistan:

Last night, we were in touch with our friends by phone where they were meeting together, in intense prayer.

The last words she (Afghan believer) spoke were, “We feel your prayers because this supernatural boldness has come over us. We sang in the Spirit. Even the kids said: ‘Mom, we will not deny Jesus’.”

As our friends were on the phone to Kabul they could hear shouting and then gunshots. “Our friends have gone to be with the Lord.”

We have received a plea to start broadcasting Gospel programs in the Dari language asap, with Dari being the first language of 50% of its population.

We haven’t lost any time with this, as together with Afghan refugee believers, the production of the first Christian programs for satellite TV has already been scheduled.  These new Satellite TV programs in Dari will be seen in homes across Afghanistan—Taliban and non-Taliban alike.

Please pray for the people in Afghanistan and prayerfully consider supporting the new satellite TV programs presenting the Gospel to millions of Muslims in the Middle East and now in Afghanistan. Your donation of $75 will help us reach 3,000 Muslims with the Gospel message. You can donate through this link.

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