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EAST UKRAINE: Ministry Amidst Hostility

Preparations continue for an unprecedented evangelistic campaign to reach cities and villages in the war zone in East Ukraine.  Please pray for the many house churches in the conflict zone. They face daily shelling from the Russian occupied territory. Hannu Haukka at the point of entry to the war zone in Donetsk Oblast, East Ukraine.…

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GCM Ministries Continues Printing Evangelistic Literature in Siberia

[caption id="attachment_500" align="alignnone" width="580"]A leadership conference of 1,000 pastors in Moscow in May 2014. The pastors were deeply concerned about the worsening situation regarding religous freedom in Russia. Recently, 74 pastors were tried under the law on [/caption]

Russia’s ongoing crackdown on religious minorities, missionaries, and evangelists has earned it a spot among the worst countries in the world for religious freedom.

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