GCMM Prepares For Thailand Mega City Campaign

Great Commission Media Ministries CEO Hannu Haukka visited Thailand at the end of January, meeting with the Nexus Christian Church assembly in Bangkok. Discussions focused on conducting the largest evangelistic mega-city media campaign in Thailand's history. There were hundreds of Thai pastors and church leaders from all parts of the country in attendance. Christians in Thailand have long-awaited help from GCMM to organize a media campaign of this caliber in Thailand.

"At this gathering, we met with leaders of the evangelical churches. They represented about 5,000 churches in Thailand. During the meetings, we discussed how the mega-city media campaign could potentially cover the whole of Thailand. Thailand has more than 60 million inhabitants. If the campaign is implemented throughout the country, we are talking about a really big campaign requiring a large number of resources," summarized Hannu Haukka.

Media Campaign's goal is to take the Gospel to every home in Thailand

The pastors of the Nexus Christian Church assembly will meet again in April to plan the upcoming media campaign. GCMM will present a comprehensive plan of coordination on what the campaign would mean in practice and how the churches should begin to prepare for it. Thailand is a Buddhist country, so there is an expectation that the upcoming media campaign will also trigger opposition. In Thailand's largest cities, there are also many contemporary ideologies. The spiritual challenge is significantly greater than in rural Thailand.

“The media campaign has been urgently requested for Thailand, which local Christians and church leaders have a great desire to implement. We believe that it would be very timely to conduct this campaign," says Haukka.

The Thai media campaign is planned to commence at the end of this year or at the latest the beginning of 2024. The goal of the campaign is to effectively share the Gospel message through media to reach every home in Thailand. At the moment, the question remains whether the campaign will cover the entire country or whether it will only focus on the capital city Bangkok and the cities of Chiangmai and Bechabun with a population of over a million.

Please join us in praying for Thailand's great media campaign. You can also enable the Thai media campaign to take place by supporting GCMM mega city campaigns in the drop-down menu at our donate page.

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