Urgent Letter From The President

This week is intense and events are moving fast in Ukraine. We are in touch with our teams inside Ukraine by the hour. The “Power to Change” giant billboards (some 120 meters long 10 meters high) remain up in the cities of Kharkiv, Mariupol, Zaporizhzhia, and Dnipr (intense fighting going on). Russian and Ukrainian soldiers alike are seeing the message.
For those of us who have met chaplains Gennady and Albert, they evacuated the children from the orphanage and now have returned to Mariupol with supplies of food, medicine, etc. They are not using weapons, save self-defense. Their city, Mariupol, is surrounded by Russian tanks. Mariupol has fought back Russia’s armies – for the moment.
We have offered to evacuate all 90 children and adults from the orphanage to Finland (presently on the Polish border). But, Gennady asks to wait. Only if the security situation deteriorates quickly then we need to move with the plan.
Moment by moment, we are getting video direct from several key battlefields inside Ukraine.
We are all intensely praying for Ukraine,
Hannu Haukka

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