Retreat From Afghanistan: The Church Is Left Behind

Unparalleled danger for Afghanistan believers

At a safe house in Kabul, Jaiuddin (not his real name) is hiding with 12 other Afghans after the Taliban took over the city.

“One of us is always awake during the night, walking and praying in case the Taliban comes knocking. In so doing, we have time to warn others.”

Jaiuddin and his group are part of a small Christian community. They told us they don’t have passports or US government-issued exit documents. Their hopes of escaping are minimal at most.

Sarah, another member of the group adds: We had plans to proclaim the Gospel with our brothers and sisters in this country, but the Taliban took over sooner than anyone thought. It all happened so quickly. Now, we have become ‘targets’, we are known to the Taliban.

Jaiuddin: "I receive calls every day, warning me that if I am found, I will be executed. I am not afraid of dying, I just ask for intercessors to pray for my country."

While international believers are focused on assisting people to escape, many belonging to the underground movement of believers want to stay in the country.

Jaiuddin: "We pray for each other, that the Lord would set His angels round our hiding place to protect us."

Great Commission Media Ministries launches production of Christian satellite TV programs for Afghanistan!

An appeal for Christian TV programs in the Dari language had come from Afghan believers who were able to flee Afghanistan in August.

We heard their plea at GCMM and in October, the production of Gospel programs was launched. The Dari language is spoken by 50% of the population. Dari is the Afghan dialect of Persian and as such is sometimes referred to as “Eastern Persian”. Dari serves as the lingua franca of Afghanistan.

These satellite TV broadcasts can be seen in homes throughout the country.

Believers who fled the country are now assisting GCMM productions teams as hosts and speakers, as well as providing music. Many Afghan believers have found refuge in Europe. From there they travel to the GCMM Ministry Centre in Finland for program production.

Please pray for the people in Afghanistan and prayerfully consider supporting the new satellite TV programs presenting the Gospel to millions of Muslims in the Middle East and now in Afghanistan. Your donation of $75 will help us reach 3,000 Muslims with the Gospel message. You can donate through this link.

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