PARAGUAY: Media saturation campaign reaches thousands

Hundreds of trained telephone counsellors volunteered 

Hundreds of trained telephone counsellors are handling 20 phone lines to receive calls from people responding to the campaign message: “God gives the power to change”. In addition to that over 500 “prayer homes” have been established in the Ascunion/Capiatá area to pray during the campaign and where people come to for prayer.

“Volunteers are excited about the campaign and have already started the crucial follow-up ministry during and after the campaign ends, and I believe they will do an excellent job,” says our Paraguay campaign manager and US mission director Dave Ogren.

Praise reports

Several praise reports have come in already. A  fugitive from the law called in to the call center, he ended up receiving Christ and turned himself in to the authorities.

Another person who called the call center, was visited in their home by a follow up team and the entire family came to Christ, plus were in church the following Sunday.

Another man showed the follow up book he had received to his work mates at work and 11 people requested a copy.

Long term prayer answered

Arnold Ens believes that the campaign has been a success already.

“It has been our prayer for a long time now to hold such a media saturation campaign in Latin America. We have our first one in Paraguay now, and we believe it will spread quickly to all parts of Central and South America according to God’s timing.”

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