Ministry Continued In Israeli Cities Amidst Rocket Rain

The GCMM Israel ministry has continued in the same manner as in previous years. Programs were filmed in St. Petersburg as well as the studio in Finland.

In Israel, local volunteers have also produced programs. Each week, KRIK-TV, a commercial station with a range reaching across the former Soviet Union, broadcasts GCMM produced programs as well as GCMM acquired ones.

Our Russian language programs have been aired on local TV stations in Russia, Ukraine and in Baltic countries. ItonTV, internet-based TV has aired programs produced by the Israel ministry team.

Travel to Israel

GCMM produced TV travel programs “Israel Tutuksi” and “Shabbat Shalom”. Weekly radio versions from these TV programs were created in St. Petersburg. These radio programs aired on local Slavic Family radio programs on the east and west coasts of the United States. As well in St. Petersburg, on local radio station Radio Maria.


The Israel ministry team’s YouTube channels viewership – Putevoditel TV (Travel Guide) and Shalom TV (Peace TV) have continued to grow in 2021. Hundreds of thousands of viewers have visited their web pages. One program alone had between 3-5 million views. Feedback is between 500-700 contacts a month.

TV coverage

TV Programs in Russian can be seen on the following channels:

KRIK-TV, Life-TV (Estonia), NesvetaiTV (Rostov) TBN and CBN channels.

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