ISRAEL: Thousands of Hebrews Reached During Campaign

The Hebrew-language campaign is efffectively reaching Israelis. Many Jewish Orthodox women have called the call center The Hebrew-language campaign is efffectively reaching Israelis. Many Jewish Orthodox women have called the call center

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Israeli army girlsTerrorist attacks have deeply affected the young people and they are searching for purpose in their life

Hebrew campaign outdoor ad smallMany have called the call center after seeing these campaign ads, containing the gospel message, all around Central Israel

Israel Soldiers and Western WallOrders for the campaign book have been received from young soldiers in the Israeli army. 

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A Hebrew-language media saturation campaign was conducted in May in central Israel and continued on for 2 months. The campaign reached over 2 million people in 40 cities, from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. The campaign call center, located in Rehvoto, close to Tel Aviv, received over 5,000 calls with requests for the evangelistc books. Five thousand campaign books, containing life-changing testimonies, were printed and all have been distributed but it seems more will have to be printed to meet demand.

Local congregations that participated in the campaign are currently doing followup ministry with over 300 families who responded to the Gospel message. Some of these people have indicated they want to receive Jesus as Messiah, into their life.

A closing concert will be held later in the fall for those who wish to attend and hear more of the Gospel.

In May, 2015 GCM Ministries conducted a media campaign in Central Israel ministering to almost one million Russian speaking Jews using newspapers, billboards, social media, and radio. 

Two thousand Jews responded to the Gospel message during this campaign.

Previously similar media outreaches have been conducted in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Haifa, Nazareth, Beersheba, and West Bank cities, in three major languages spoken in the country: Hebrew, Russian and Arabic. Approximately 3 million Sabra Jews had a chance to hear the Gospel over a 4-week period. Eleven new messianic Jewish congregations have been formed as a result of these outreaches. Several of these congregations have been planted among hearing-impaired Jews. 

GCM Ministries will be conducting another evangelistic media campaign in Israel in 2016. We will keep you updated on this upcoming campaign.

Although 5.4 million Jews live in Israel, only 25% of the population is religious. Most have drifted away from their Jewish faith. And only 5 to 10 thousand believe in Jesus.

During the Evangelistic Media Saturation Campaigns, there were 240 buses that drove daily throughout the downtown cores, displaying ads that proclaimed the message: “He changed me”. Giant billboards are up in the city of Haifa. The same message is broadcast through local radio spots and seen on Hebrew web pages.

Each of the 3 cities had their own call center, manned by local church volunteers, set up to receive calls from people responding to the campaign message. Every person who called in for spiritual counseling received the campaign book containing the 4 steps to salvation.

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