Media Campaign In East Ukraine’s War Zone Continues As Conflict Escalates

GCMM President Hannu Haukka’s report from the war zone in East Ukraine:

Great Commission Media Ministries has launched perhaps its biggest campaign ever in a post-Soviet country. The East Ukraine evangelism campaign is taking place in the war zone. The whole region is inhabited by 6 million people which is inside the footprint of secular radio and television media being used in this unusual evangelism campaign. Most villages are no more than 1,000 yards from Russian and rebel enemy artillery. The campaign message will be seen in the streets and on secular television radio channels in cities such as Dnepr, Kharkov, Zaporozhye, Mariupol.

Photos; Map: East Ukraine war zone where the campaign is currently underway. Right: Media campaign planning session: From left to right: Graphics Specialist Vitaly, Int’l Director Hannu Haukka, and Pastor Yuri.

The threat of all-out war overshadows Ukraine's new year. The Media Campaign call center is located in Mariupol. Mariupol has a population of 500,000. Mariupol is 15 km from Russian military forces. According to various estimates, Russia has concentrated a significant number of more than 122,000 troops on the border near the city of Mariupol.

In an interview with television in Eastern Ukraine, Hannu Haukka was asked why GCMM decided to conduct a media campaign at such a difficult time. Hannu responded by saying: "Only the Church has the message that can heal the hearts and minds of men and women and stop the poison of bitterness, hatred, revenge, killing that contaminates the heart so that eastern Ukraine can once again live as a united people."

In an interview with Eastern Ukrainian television. GCMM CEO/Founder Hannu Haukka explained why we decided to carry out the campaign together with local churches in the war zone.

The street scene in the main city of the campaign shows the tension in the air. Over the past week, the Ukrainian army moved 100 tanks to defend the city of Mariupol.

Over the past week, the Ukrainian army has re-located 100 tanks to defend the city of Mariupol in the event of a renewed Russian invasion of the city. Military intelligence estimates that Russia may seek to take the city by swiftly cutting it off from the rest of the country to reduce human casualties among civilians. However front-line villages would be overrun and suffer great destruction.

Believers in Ukraine have asked believers in the West to remember them and their country in prayer.


Just prior to Christmas I was given handwritten letters from children ages 11-15, living in the war zone. They had written a wish list to “Christmas Angel.”

They asked “Christmas Angel” if they could receive a chocolate Kinder Egg for Christmas. That was all… One boy wished for a pair of warm gloves. One asked Angel for peace, a reunion with other kids at school. As I read, tears welled up in my eyes. Christmas wishes can be so very different.

In the village of Granitnoye. We brought Christmas presents and the Christmas message for 150 children to this village school Christmas party.

As the campaign continued we were able to deliver Christmas gifts of warm winter clothing, and a Christmas message from the Gospels, to over 500 children attending schools in the war zone right at the front lines.

School children in the village of Granitnoye. Children this age were born during the war and have not seen a day of peace so far.

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