Help Ukrainian Families Stay Warm and Fed This Winter

$150 provides heat and a cooking surface for families with no electricity


Heating a home and being able to cook is an issue at the frontline in Ukraine. Russia has bombed Ukraine's power grids and heating infrastructure. To help Ukrainian mothers and children survive, you can help by sponsoring a wood-burning stove with a cooking surface.

To supply one heating and cooking stove to one family cost $150 dollars. Great Commission Media Ministries has already provided thousands of families with wood-burning stoves for heating and for cooking. Thousands more are needed.

Please consider sponsoring one wood-burning stove for one family in Ukraine. Perhaps it will be the most important gift you can give to a family in their time of suffering.

Thousands of families face issues with heating and preparing meals. On the front lines, fathers and sons are fighting for their families, wives, children, and their motherland. We can help keep their loved ones stay alive.

Donate to the UKRAINEAID emergency fund here!



Electricity and heating options are an issue, with large areas of the frontline in Ukraine currently without power.  Russia has bombed many of Ukraine’s power grids. Ukraine needs our help more than ever. A locally built stove as a source of heat and cooking as seen above can be purchased and delivered for $150. Thousands more are needed. Together we can make a difference, supporting Ukrainians yet another way amidst this devastating war.

Families across Ukraine are seeking to obtain a wood-burning stove so they can have heating and a cooking surface to prepare food on. GCMM can provide a locally-made stove for $150 per family.


Medical aid to Ukraine

The need for humanitarian aid in Ukraine is great. People need healthcare services, medicine, clean water, and shelter.

We have delivered wheelchairs, crutches, and hospital supplies to our partners operating in Ukraine from Finland. We have also supplied soldiers with medical supplies, bandages, and an ultrasound machine at one of the hospitals.

Financial support has made it possible to obtain critically needed medicine.

The destruction caused by the war is indescribable. The needs of families who are affected by the war are dire. Donating to the GCMM Ukrainian Emergency Fund is the very best way to support the families of Ukraine.