Continuing Success Of Tanzania Campaign Despite Pandemic

The megacity media campaign in Dar es Salaam ended in January 2020. Reports from Tanzania tell of the continuing success of the campaign in Tanzania.

Our campaign manager Daniel reports:

- Regardless of the pandemic also in Tanzania, the campaign has continued on. The proclamation of the Gospel message has had a great impact. Everywhere, the message came into the homes of unbelievers, Muslims, places where we could not otherwise have gone. As a result, many people experienced how God's power has changed in their lives.

Daniel Mungemo, campaign coordinator, Dar es Salaam

The goal of the campaign was to reach five million people in Dar es Salaam. But as the campaign progressed, we discovered that it covered the entire nation.

Calls came into our campaign call center from all over Tanzania. We had a group of pastors 24/7 at the call center who led the callers in the prayer of salvation.

A caller from Zanzibar asked to pray for a woman who, according to their tradition, was being taken for human sacrifice on behalf of her family. We reached out to her and her life was saved.

The transforming power Jesus reached her, literally, in the land of the shadow of death.

The campaign book in the Swahili language is a powerful tool because of the transformation stories.

We thank Almighty God who used not only Hannu and Hani in planning, and organizing this Tanzania campaign, but also everyone whom God touched to financially support the campaign.

On behalf of the churches and believers of Tanzania, a very big thank you.

Bishop Zambi:

- Due to the pandemic, travel restrictions are in effect in Tanzania. But from all over Tanzania, the Christians are ministering using the powerful transformation stories in the campaign book. We have learned from the media campaign and have now begun to use media in the ministry of our churches.

We have trained believers to use the book especially on the Islamic Swahili coast including the regions of Tanga, Pwan, Lind, and regions such as Zanzibar (Unguja).

Our prayer is that we will reap the rich fruit of the media campaign well into the future.

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts. God bless you abundantly!

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