Thank You For Your Partnership In The Middle East

For many Muslims around the world, government and social restrictions barricade access to the Gospel in ways that are nearly impossible to overcome. In these “closed countries,” Christians must depend on God alone for creative and careful approaches to share the gospel message with their Muslim neighbors.

It is with overwhelming joy that we announce to you, "With God, everything is possible!"

Doors continue to stay open for GCMM to telecast the Gospel to over 400 million Muslims daily, supplying programming for 16 satellites spanning the heavens from Morocco in North Africa across Syria, Iraq, Iran, to Afghanistan and the border of Pakistan. The telecasts are in Arabic, Farsi (Persian), Somali, Sudanese Arabic, and Amharic.

To give you an idea of how many countries are covered here is a short list: North Africa: Mauritania, West Sahara, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Sudan, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Somalia.

The Middle East: Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Yemen, Oman, Kuwait, Qatar, Dubai, including Afghanistan.

When it comes to the consumption of satellite TV the Islamic world is in a category of its own.

The region is the biggest consumer of satellite TV on the planet. Satellite TV is the most effective way to preach the Gospel to over 1.6 billion people in Islamic countries, without risk to people's lives.

The telecasts generate 200,000 responses per month. Nothing can hinder the Gospel!

These broadcasts from our studios are “home church” for many within closed Muslim countries who avoid the risks of worshipping openly.

Follow up is conducted by believers in all countries concerned but with significant risk to their lives. Your steadfast prayers are cherished.

Will you partner with us to bring spiritual food to a famished land? Your gift will safely present the Gospel to multitudes by satellite TV:

• $50 will reach 3,500 Muslims
• $500 will reach 35,000 Muslims
• $2500 will reach 175,000 Muslims
• $10,000 will reach 700,000 Muslims

In this time of crisis, so many people are at home watching television and searching for hope.

We need to make good use of this season by raising a minimum of $14,285 to reach 1,000,000 Muslims with the hope of the Gospel.

This is an unprecedented opportunity and an incredibly cost-efficient way to expose significantly large numbers of Muslims to the Gospel. We are seeing amazing fruit from this ministry every day. We thank God for your love for Jesus Christ and your sincere desire to make His love known to the Islamic world.

Lebanon Asks For Another Campaign

Khalil Abdelahad is leader of the Lebanon Evangelical Alliance

Khalil Abdelahad is the leader of the Lebanon Evangelical Alliance. GCMM received this message from Khalil:

Five years ago, GCMM approached us with a great initiative to organize a megacity media campaign called "Experience The Power to Change" in Beirut.

The campaign was a major breakthrough in several different ways within our "Country of Cedar Trees", Lebanon.

The campaign was unique in Lebanon and had a huge impact through the use of media including television, radio, newspapers, outdoor billboards, and social media. In addition, hundreds of thousands of campaign books, pamphlets and supporting publications were distributed.

The campaign was successful as churches joined together in unity, including churches of the Evangelical Alliance, all proclaiming the gospel of Christ. We fondly remember our very blessed time together.

With deep gratitude to everyone who made this great media campaign possible.

Currently in Lebanon, we are experiencing serious economic and political issues. We ask you to consider conducting a second campaign. The gospel of Christ is the power to change not only in Lebanon but also throughout the Middle East.

Pandemic Spurs Egyptian Ministry

Bassem is GCMM's Egyptian team leader

I would like to relay our sincere thanks for your partnership and support of our joint ministry in reaching Arab nations with the message of salvation.

Time and again we are surprised at what God is doing among the Arabic world through the work of GCMM.

Our production team produces hundreds of TV programs aired daily on satellites covering this region.


Follow-Up is Key

People who come to faith through our programs, are followed-up, helping them grow in their faith. Our goal is to connect them to a local group of believers.

We also bring the gospel and poverty relief to people living in poor areas, showing God’s true love for them in practical ways.

This would not have been possible without your support. God has helped us despite the difficulties we face in the Arab world.  We are proud to be your partners and believe that God will continue to complete the work He has begun.

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