Syrian Refugees Suffer In Tent Cities

Syrian refugees seeking shelter in refugee camps in the Bekaa Valley in Lebanon, are in desperate need of basic necessities such as warm clothing, blankets and medicine.

Hundreds of thousands of children have been displaced by Syria’s war. This is one of the biggest refugee crises since the Second World War. This winter in Lebanon, some children have died because of hypothermia and starvation.

syria boyThe situation for the refugees is dire. Each family lives in a make-shift tent that measures about 200 sq ft. One tent was home to three adults and 14 children. The tents did not hold up well against the harsh winter climate, they experienced this year.

Life is a constant struggle at the camps. There is never enough food and if nothing else is to be found then snow was melted down as drinking water. Their common toilets are shared by men and women alike and there is no toilet paper to use. Everyone washes with cold water. A bath can be had once a week.

These people also lack warm clothing and they suffered especially during the cold winter climate that is settled over Lebanon this past winter. Many refugees have died because disease and from the cold. Small children are at high risk of succumbing to the cold.

syria camp

GCM Ministries ministry friends, Ibrahim and his wife Narim, work in these refugee camps, supplying clothing and other basic aid to the children and adults. This also opens up a wonderful opportunity to reach out them with the Gospel message. Muslims are grateful for the help they receive and open to the Gospel. Many have come to faith in God this way.

We have five small Bible study groups consisting of ex-Muslims in these camps and we study the Word together.

syria kidsThey have many needs but the most important are blankets, socks and warm clothing. 

Many organizations are delivering aid to the camps but there is simply not enough to go around for everyone. For this reason GCM Ministries has decided to help out as much as possible. With the help of donors we will be delivering blankets, socks and clothing.

You can donate right now to this cause through our online donation page.

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