RUSSIA: 300,000 New Testaments Printed And In Distribution

Russia may have started the war with Ukraine however they need to hear the Gospel that transforms lives. God is above all things and His mercy and grace continue for all people despite current difficult and tragic events.

Conditions for the Church are increasingly difficult in Russia also. However, despite the new sanctions and deteriorating situation, we were able to print 300,000 Russian New Testaments in Siberia. They are being transported to churches across Siberia and the Russian Far East as soon as possible.

The demand for printed material continues to be great, as churches pursue evangelizing in as many Russian cities, villages, and municipalities as possible.

This has not been without opposition, but with God, it has been possible to continue, along with the support of GCM Ministries prayer partners like you. We are truly grateful for your support of this ‘print ministry’ to Russia.

If you would like to help us to cover the cost of printing and distribution of these valuable evangelism tools to churches in Russia and their outreach teams you can donate through this link.

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