Reaching Siberia’s Unreached Millions With The Gospel

Pastors in Central and Eastern Siberia and Russia’s far east express their gratitude for the literature they have received. The latest printing fell short of the demand for New Testaments. This year GCMM will seek to provide another 750,000 copies of the  New Testament and the Gospel of John. Below is response based on the first shipment:



The churches of Aksai greet you, who have enabled us to receive thousands of fine New Testaments that allow us to bring God's word to our community. A big thank you to you, our friends and God bless you.


God has a ‘big heart’, with room for everyone.  People all over the world live in different places, and under different conditions and circumstances. With God’s help, we can step out of our comfort zones and reach out to distant places to proclaim the Good News.


Greetings to you, dear brothers and sisters.  I would like to thank you all for the shipment of New Testaments that we have received from Novosibirsk. With special thanks to GCMM for making this possible. We received 1,000 copies and will be using them as we begin evangelism in earnest here in Aramil.  I believe that each and every New Testament will sow the seed for a new beginning with God. Thank you and God bless you.


I am from the city of Bratsk in Siberia, from the Tree of Life Church. We received 1000 copies of the New Testament.  A big thank you to all the friends who have blessed our church in this way!  Now we can share the gospel in Bratsk with New Testaments, and not just with our business cards!  We thank you, Hannu, and everyone who took part in making this possible.  Once again, a big thank you.


We have received a whole carload of literature.  Pastor Evgeny and the church have accepted these life-giving books, that can change a person’s life.  These books will reach people who have not even once in their lives, heard about Jesus Christ.  The books are even beautiful to look at. These are God’s gifts to us and we accept them with gratitude.


I greet you, dear brothers and sisters. I want to thank those of you who have printed and send out these beautiful New Testaments.  We have also received some and as a result, we have the ability for greater opportunities to proclaim God’s word and provide people the opportunity to study the Bible. Our desire is that they are encouraged, find answers to the questions they have in their lives, and are blessed by what they are reading. May God bless you.


Special thanks for the New Testaments we have received here in Nizhny Novgorod. The brethren who were here, are distributing them to their churches as well. These New Testaments have been so needed.  A very special thanks to you and we give glory to God for your work and for the blessing that has ensued to us as well.

Millions of copies of evangelism books, Bibles, New Testaments and Gospel of John have been printed and given to people throughout Russia in recent years, seeking the transforming power through Jesus Christ and faith in God.

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