Ukraine’s War For Survival — Critical Aid To The Frontlines

As the Russian invasion of Ukraine continues Great Commission Media Ministries teams in Ukraine continue to deliver food, and medical supplies to frontline villages as well as to provide resources for the evacuation of residents trapped along 200 kilometers of active shelling by Russian forces. 

While this ministry is a life-saving ministry for thousands of Ukrainians, it does not go without danger.

The vision and purpose of Great Commission Media Ministries continue to be the proclamation of the Gospel to our generation. Humanitarian aid on this scale is unusual for Great Commission Media Ministries.

Yet we are honored to be on the front lines helping provide for those who were classified by Jesus as “the least of these”, in the middle of a horrific war.

GCMM provides for the maintenance and fueling of twenty vehicles that run nonstop to transport food, water, and medical supplies into villages suffering from unending shelling by Russian forces as well as taking mothers and children to safety. Thank you for standing with us and enabling us to do so.

The war is taking its toll. East Ukraine's infrastructure has practically collapsed. Food markets, gas stations, pharmacies, schools, and utilities have been bombed and are no longer functional. Paying jobs are hard to find. 50,000 women serve in the military of which 5,000 are fighting on the frontlines. Thousands of women and children take cover in bomb shelters day in and day out.

Most volunteers will not have the resources to financially contribute to this crucial ministry. So, GCMM helps with transport costs. To date, our three partnering logistics centers in Ukraine have delivered over 100 tons of food, water, and other aid to the frontline villages. Yet, the need is acute and ongoing as long as the war continues.


Prior to the collision, we were able to successfully unload the humanitarian aid as well as minister to over 100 people taking cover in a makeshift bomb shelter in the basement of a village public school.

Chaplain Albert speaks to children who had come out of the basement of the school for a brief moment to get specially prepared backpacks with clothing, sweets, and a toy. The war has severely disrupted the lives of families living in frontline villages and towns.

It is dangerous to remain above ground for any length of time. There is a constant fear of being hit by Russian artillery or GRAD rockets. Yet, despite the danger, food and medical supplies are delivered by GCMM to the residents of frontline villages.


You may be wondering, “What can we actually be doing to help?”

Diesel fuel, for instance, sells for up to $15 per gallon depending on whether you are able to buy from a service station or end up buying from black market “fuel trucks”. 

We have determined that a simple bag of groceries which would include canned meat, canned and dry soup, rice, cereal, flour, bread, and water would cost about $50.00 USD. Would you consider helping to buy food for enduring the shelling in their village on the frontline in East Ukraine?

Please consider how you might give financially to GCMM and together tell Ukraine that there is a people of God who really cares and is there for them.

Thank you so very much for praying for us and for them.  Thank you as well for standing with us financially. Without you, we could never do this!

To donate now, call our office: 1-877-244-7618 or click the DONATE NOW button to give through our secure online donation page.

Thank you for your prayers and support for Ukraine.

Hannu and Laura Haukka
Great Commission Media Ministries

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