Kiev Mega-City Campaign

kiev_billboardThe largest billboard measured over six hundred square yards (over six thousand square feet) and is located on one of the busiest commuter routes in downtown Kiev. Ukraine’s president and government ministers drove by the billboard every day. Record Amount of Calls The message hit home. The number of calls received at the Call Center proved the point.

After the campaign TV programs started airing in the second week, the incoming calls increased dramatically and peaked at seven hundred calls in a one-day period. “I doubt I will ever forget the moment I stepped into the Counseling Center and noticed that all twenty phone lines were busy with people calling for spiritual help,” says Hannu Haukka director of IRR/TV ministries.

As soon as one call ended the phone would ring again. In a city of several million people we estimated that hundreds of people were trying to call any given phone line at the same time.

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