Hannu Haukka Reports From East Ukraine War Zone

Last week I traveled to the war zone in East Ukraine to visit churches and church leaders in villages and towns, in many cases, less than a mile from Russian-backed rebel forces. The village in the photo was targeted by rebel forces using 122-millimeter artillery shells banned by the Minsk Agreements signed by Russia.

The purpose of the trip was to finalize preparations for the upcoming, very extraordinary, and very needful media campaign slated to begin in just over a week’s time.

GCMM is set to launch this evangelistic media campaign within ten days on December 1st. We are working intensely with churches on the ground and will reach people on both sides of the line of conflict with the Gospel.

Please keep East Ukraine in your prayers.  We are printing tens of thousands of high-impact evangelistic books which contain powerful stories of God’s power to change lives. Would you prayerfully consider a financial gift to support this crucial campaign that will impact millions living in the area in the area?

If you would like to help print the evangelism book used in the campaign, the price of each book is $1.10 USD.

Your gift of $50 will help us reach 500 with the Gospel.
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Watch Hannu's riveting video report. Link to the video from the photo too.

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