250,000 books in distribution throughout Russia

With the increasing requests from churches, we have responded by implementing once again a large run of 250,000 printed New Testaments and campaign books for evangelism in the Russian language. In mid-October, these books were sent out from the printing house in Siberia to churches across the country.

The map shows where the New Testaments, as well as the Gospel of John, have been sent. The distribution of the Gospel of John will cover a vast area, including cities and outlying areas across the country.

This year, Lord willing and circumstances allowing us to do so, our intention is to have an additional 750,000 books printed for evangelism.

The demand for printed material continues to be great, as churches pursue evangelizing in as many Russian cities, villages, and municipalities as possible. This has not been without opposition, but with God, it has been possible to continue, along with the support of GCM Ministries prayer partners like you. We are truly grateful for your support of this ‘print ministry’ to Russia.

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