Change Lives Together!

Share the Gospel in 2021, Starting with Today!

This Year is your opportunity to witness God work mightily through your mission dollars. In supporting Great Commission Media Ministries you will have a front-row seat as unreached cities are saturated with the Gospel? Let's do together what we cannot do individually. Together, we can proclaim Jesus Christ to multitudes of unreached, hurting people offering them the opportunity to experience new life and hope through faith In Jesus.

Your gift to GCMM brings the Good News of Jesus Christ to the world's largest unreached cities.

Each and every day, people are giving thanks to God because they discovered salvation through our Mega-City Campaigns!

  • Jesus is made known to 90% of the population of a megacity in 30 days
  • Churches witness citywide evangelism on a scale they have not thought possible
  • Churches grow, cell groups and new churches are planted
  • Unity among churches previously not thought possible is witnessed
  • Powerful tools for evangelism are given to the Church after the media campaign is over
  • An atmosphere conducive to widespread sharing of the Gospel is created
  • In follow up, church members are engaged in solid discipleship of non-believers
  • A sustained movement of prayer for the city is born
  • In the city, the Church is seen as a credible force for good

Today you have the opportunity to present the Gospel to unreached cities so that they may put their trust in God through our Savior and King, Jesus Christ. 

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