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URGENT Prayer and Financial Support needed now to launch our campaigns

We have an urgent need for partners to come alongside Great Commission Media Ministries in both prayer and financial support – and we request your help.

Four urgent campaigns need the remaining prayer and financial completion to be fully supported. Will you support one of these campaigns below:

Tanzania – A Mega City Media Campaign in October 2019

NEW for Tanzania-$100k Matching Campaign - Double your impact

Currently 25% funded, we need the remaining to fund setting up the call center (however run by volunteers), buying the media advertisements via billboards, tv spots, radio spots, flyers, newspaper and more. Each dollar is MAXIMIZED to present the campaign message of “Calling our call center” to get a free Power to Change booklet – complete with life transformation stories and an evangelistic message. Our $400,000 budget is an incredibly low cost for saturating some of the major cities of Tanzania for 30 days. Remaining budget needed: $200,000 (looking for 1000 partners to donate $100, or 100 partners to donate $1000 to reach our match and complete the budget!)

Ukraine – A Mega City Media Campaign in November 2019
The Ukraine border region is in desperate need of the peace of the Gospel. There has been ongoing border wars with Russian for many months now, and this campaign is meant to reach this area. We expect posters, billboards, newspapers, and even radio to reach not only the citizens that have been affected in these areas, but likely even some of the fighters! We are partnering with many churches along this border who have a heart for bringing the Forgiveness that only the Gospel brings and are in need of the remaining funding for the booklets, and media purchases to make people aware of these transformation stories. Our budget of $300,000 gets our 30 day campaign to run across media all the way across this 400 mile area!

Mongolia – A Mega City Media Campaign in Spring 2020
For the first time ever, GCMM is going into Mongolia having been invited by the local churches. Their desire is to have a media campaign reach a large swath of the country – showing how your life can be changed. Transformation stories of local people will be illustrated in both billboards, newspaper, posters, and other media – asking people to contact the number listed to receive a free book about these life transformation stories. Because of the high conversion rate of the dollar, our $250,000 budget allows us to print thousands of color books and access media far beyond what we could buy in any other country.

Middle East – Christian Satellite TV Broadcasts
This production of 1,000 evangelistic programs is in 5 languages per year. All programs are produced in our Finland studios by believers who are Arab, Somali, South Sudanese, and Ethiopians. The cost of the production of one program, on average costs $1,300. Research has shown that there are over 100 million viewers in an area from Morocco in West Africa all the way to the border of Pakistan in South Asia, 1.5 billion Muslims. To understand the magnitude of this, imagine one third of the population of the United States (30% = 100 million) watching these programs regularly. Our $110,000 budget per month pays for the air time on the 16 satellites that are currently blanketing the middle east!

May God Bless you as you support us in prayer that God would bring the final funding to accomplish these campaigns and would bless the fruitfulness of the outreach!

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  1. Hannu on October 8, 2019 at 6:24 am

    report from the field as Tanzania has now started:

    To the team
    Yesterday at the call center I witnessed something I had not seen before in any city. The sound of the ringing phones was like one massive unending fire drill, just one LOUD and continuous ring. If you did not know it was a call center you would think there a big fire somewhere, just one loud ring – non stop!

    In the directors office when I heard it I thought the phone system had broken down and I ran to see what was wrong. Nothing was wrong! all the phones were ringing at the same time.

    It was a beautiful sight! We are talking thousands of calls! Again today the same thing!
    Live from DAR es salaam

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