Join a community of believers, go before the Lord in unbroken prayer, and ask God to make Christ known among the nations.

For over 3 hours, a community of believers prayed each other and for unreached, mega-cities that are waiting for the Gospel.

What an amazing event!

Attendees experienced abundant joy as they prayed earnestly for the salvation of souls around the world.

Because we serve a great God, we know the prayers given during this event have impacted the world in incredible ways. Many people will come to Christ because of God's power through prayer together.

The replay is available for you to watch. It's a wonderful resource for believers who want to pray for the nations, but don't know where to begin. You can use this recording as devotional material to:

  • Guide your prayers for the nations
  • Stir up a passion for missions and evangelism
  • Interact with the prayers of believers all over the world

Great Commission Media Ministries conducts cutting-edge evangelistic campaigns that flood entire cities with testimonies of God’s life-changing power. By blanketing billboards, televisions, transportation, and online advertisements with stories of lives changed by God, we are able to shake entire cities with the gospel. Through the prayers and partnerships of many, we expect to see God move in our generation unlike ever before.

Prayerfully consider partnering with us in this all-important work.

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