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10 evangelical and discipleship websites designed for Arabs and Muslims maintained by Great Commission Media Ministries (GCM Ministries) receive between 1 and 2 million visits monthly. The websites offer the opportunity for interaction. The following Arabic Christian resources can be downloaded from these websites:

Bible Tracts • Satellite TV Programs • Books • Arabic Christian Music • Questions for Muslims

GCM Ministries websites also have discussion forums where users can exchange ideas with others and get answers to spiritual questions.

NOTE: Amharic language broadcasts can be viewed live at: Wednesdays.

+ Arabic, Farsi and Urdu language programing can be found under these links:


www.beamoflighttv com


www callforall net arabiaksi

Arabic: arabiaksi


Arabic: arabiaksi

Arabic: arabiaksi


Arabic: arabiaksi

Somali: somaliksi

Amheric: amharankieliset

Urdu: urduksi


Farsi: farsiksi

The following GCM Ministries partner ministries websites can be shared with people who speak Arabic, Farsi or Urdu languages.

NOTE! Arabic programing in various languages can be viewed daily via our partner satellite channels.

+ Our own Arabic and Muslim outreach YouTube pages:


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