Devastation In Kherson — Update

Latest update from Dec 29th Kherson bombing

We received a call from one of our team members military pastor Aleksander. Russia has shelled the population centers of Kherson county 50 times in one day.
About 100,000 residents have remained in Kherson. Evacuation is on a voluntary basis. But many have decided to stay put.
We decided to get plywood sheets and moisture-repellent blankets for the three hundred houses in the Kherson area to protect them from snow and cold. Wood-burning stoves are the very best thing that is needed for the remaining homes.
A family car is buried under rubble after a missile strike in Kherson. People still live in the house.
This is the tip of a phosphorus bomb that landed in the yard of this home. Phosphorus burns everything in its path.
Military Chaplain Sasha wonders how much plywood is needed to repair the roof of this facility. Three hundred sheets of plywood have been ordered for now to partially repair homes that were bombed.
Destroyed roofs were patched with tarp.
The first delivery of wood-burning stoves was delivered to villagers in Chernobajev in the Kherson region.
Firewood was trucked to Kherson. There are exceptionally few trees in Kherson.
Shelled by Russian forces. The devastation is horrifying to witness.

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