David Wilkerson’s 2001 Prophesy


Dr. Hannu Haukka
President and founder of
Great Commission Media Ministries



  • David Wilkerson warned Russia in 2001 of difficult times in the future
  • The main point of Wilkerson’s message was: “Use every possible opportunity that is open to you now
  • The tragic event in Moscow on September 6 reminds us that the situation has changed in Russia
  • GCM Ministries supports and trains churches to effectively evangelize

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In August 2001, as David Wilkerson visited Moscow, paused during his sermon and, with uncontrollable sobbing, warned Russian pastors with these words: “A time is coming… there won’t be many meetings like this anymore… so God has to do it now… Did you hear what I prophesied…do you understand? There won’t be many more meetings like this… I know it.”

The main point of Wilkerson’s message was: “Use every possible opportunity that is open to you now. Do not hesitate to preach the Gospel to your nation!”

The recent tragic event that took place in Moscow September 6, as we reported in a previous article, reminds us that everything has its own time. The situation has changed in Russia now. Though we see the storm clouds on the horizon work continues in the harvest fields of Russia.

GCM Ministries continues to work with the churches in Russia as well as the various denominational associations. We have a real challenge to supply one million evangelistic Power to Change books into the hands of hundreds of on-the-ground missionaries. We ask you to prayerfully consider helping us meet that challenge with your tax-deductible gift. We should not let this need go unanswered.

GCM Ministries continues to train evangelical Christians in Russia to be more effective in outreach.

We appreciate your prayer support. Please remember our brothers and sisters in Russia as well. Thank you for partnering with GCM Ministries in missions in Russia.

I wish you God’s abundant blessings,

Dr. Hannu Haukka
Great Commission Media Ministries

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