Amazing Testimony of a Pastor Who Got Caught in War in South Sudan

Great Commission Media Ministries is blessed to share testimonies of God’s salvation so that others may come to know Jesus as Savior. For 30 days, we blanket entire cities with Gospel-focused testimonies using street banners, TV, radio, social media, newspapers, text messages and more. One of the testimonies that we are currently promoting in South…

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Israel: Thousands Reached During Campaigns

The Hebrew-language campaigns were effective in reaching Israelis.

Hebrew-language media saturation campaigns have been conducted in central Israel in past years. The campaigns reached over 2 million people in 40 cities, from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

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South Sudan: Violent General Turns to Jesus

Ever since civil war broke out in South Sudan, over 383,000 people have died. Around half of the lives lost are estimated to be through violence. Those killed were mostly adult males, but women and children have tragically been slaughtered as well. Other nations gather in South Sudan to deliver humanitarian aid. However, one in…

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