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Winds of the Spirit Blowing in the Himalayas

Ramprasad East-Nepal on phone

Call center phone lines were open to callers 24 hours a day.



  • campaign call center has received over twenty four thousand calls
  • well respected, educated professionals are ordering the power to change book
  • thousands of ads in newspapers, on billboards, on television all around the city

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The Spirit of God is blowing in the Himalayas. Two simultaneous mega city campaigns in Pokhara and Biratnagar in January have touched almost 5 million people with the Gospel. The reponse right from the start has been extremely good!

The Gospel has the power to change lives. So it does in the most Hindu nation on earth where over 85% of the nation adheres to Hinduism.

The campaign has been extended into February with high visibility in daily newspapers, on billboards and flyers. As a result, thousands of phone calls and books orders have been received. Even now over 100 calls are logged daily at the call center in Pokhara and eastern Nepal. Total calls to date exceed 24,000, an astounding number considering the Kathmandu campaign of 2011 (with 5 times the population) produced 40,000 calls. Fruits from the Kathmandu campaign are still being reaped. 

The message in the ads is: “Experience the power to change, God loves you, Read 15 stories that will change your life, experience life’s greatest joy!”

Examples of some calls: A university professor, an astronomer and a security officer called to immediately request their personal copy of the Campaign “Power to Change” book. It contains 15 powerful stories of changed lives, the 4 spiritual laws and the prayer of salvation. 

There are thousands of ads in newspapers, on billboards, on television all around the city. In the ads in one of the texts says: “15 stories that will change your life—order your copy now”.

Over a thousand helpers from 120 churches have volunteered their time during these city-wide campaigns.

Thank you so much for your timely support and your prayers. Nepal is a Hindu nation. We are so excited. The churches are excited. The winds of God’s Spirit are blowing on the “top of the world”.  God is moving in this city!

Hannu Haukka, GCM Ministries president

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