Churches in Kiev

Ukraine, Revival or Return to Repression?

Churches in Kiev, Ukraine

The future is uncertain for churches in Ukraine


The effects of IRR/TV’s Media Evangelism Campaign at the end of 2007 in Kiev continues to reap fruit as churches see a constant flow of new believers coming into the churches.

Recent presidential elections in Ukraine have handed the victory to Viktor Yanukovich, who was accused of rigging the 2004 elections which then sparked the Orange Revolution, resulting in a 3rd round of voting and his eventual defeat, The churches were a significant force driving the Orange Revolution, in no small part because of the threats of Yanukovich to limit their ability to function and give priority to the Orthodox Church exclusively.

With Yanukovich about to be inaugurated as Ukraine’s new President, some Christians wonder what their future will hold. We hear reports from Believers on ground in Kiev with their take on the future for the Protestant Evangelical Churches in Ukraine.

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