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The Parable of the Sower


Dr. Hannu Haukka
President and founder of
Great Commission Media Ministries



  • strong connection between sowing and reaping
  • four types of soil where the seed fell
  • secret to a bountiful harvest is simply this: sow more abundantly
  • we have sown the good seed of the Gospel to more than 110 million people in major cities alone

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Summer is almost gone. Most of us are back from our holidays. Together with members of our team we just came back from a leadership conference that will be attended by about 170,000 pastors and ministry leaders around the world this fall. Great Commission Media Ministries is a part of this yearly training event. Our part is to offer about 2,000 leaders in Russia and Central Asia encouragement and instruction. Nepal is likely to be a new site for this conference this year. At the conference we were reminded of the power of the sown seed. In Jesus’ parable about the sower and the seed we see the strong connection between sowing and reaping.

The Sower: Part One

Jesus told of a sower who went out to sow the Good Seed. “Some fell along the path where it was trampled on, and the birds ate it up. 

Some fell on rocky ground, where it withered because there was no moisture. 

Some fell among thorns where it choked and died. 

But some fell on good soil where it yielded a crop, a hundred times more than was sown.

There were four types of soil where the seed fell. Three produced no harvest. Thankfully, the fourth produced an abundant harvest.

This is a universal truth in the Kingdom of God. The Soviet Union is a classic example where the “sown seed fell along the path.” In Communist Russia, for 70 years, the seed that the Church sowed was trampled on by powerful state run propaganda. State run media plucked the seed out of the hearts of its citizens.

The seed that fell on rocky ground represents countries where hostile religions such as Islam and Hinduism prevail. There, in the face of persecution and suffering the seed withers and dies.

The seed that fell among thorns would represent developed countries such as Europe, Canada and the United States. Here, the seed is in danger of choking amidst complacency, affluence, and many harmful pleasures. When there is no harvest and weariness sets in.

The Sower: Part Two

But Jesus’ parable has an important second part. “Some seed fell on good soil and yielded a crop, a hundred times more than was sown”.

What then is the secret to a bountiful harvest in places like India as well as developed countries? Simply this: we sow more abundantly. If we want to see more fruit we sow more seed! If we want to see even more fruit, we sow even more seed! When we sow at every opportunity, everywhere, in abundance, there will be a harvest. It is an indisputable truth in the Kingdom of God.

The powerful, profoundly fruitful mega city campaigns that GCM Ministries has conducted are a special God-given grace and opportunity to serve Him in our lives. Together with you, we have sown the good seed of the Gospel to more than 110 million people in major cities alone. One million people have responded in various ways to the Gospel message.In these high intensity campaigns, local churches have sown the seed aggressively and have reaped a wonderful harvest. You have played an important part in making it possible to sow and reap this abundant harvest.

Why We Do What We Do…

From time to time, we need to remind each other why we do missions, why we do what we do. We are engaged in the Great Commission and we preach the Gospel because:

• It was the one thing Jesus asked us to do in His farewell speech to his followers

• The Gospel is the only hope for our spiritually dying world

• We hasten the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.

• In this way we help build the Body of Christ

• The Gospel is the light of the world. Without it, the lights go out and darkness prevails.

• There can be no greater goal and purpose in our lives—changing the eternal destinies of souls

Thank you for your prayers and support without which we would not be doing what we are doing. May the Lord bless you as summer heads into its final few weeks. It is harvest time.

Hannu Haukka

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